Globalization is a Planned Strategy














Case Studies


Manufacturing Firm - Global Partner Search

Multi Location Family Business House seeking to scale geographically 

Strategic preparation and state of readiness to scale and grow exponentially

Aligning Strategy, Structure, Systems, Technolgies, People and Processes

Enabling an Organizational Attitude to focus on customers

Family Owned - IT Software Firm

A traditional successful family owned enterprise with a next generation family members keen on growing globally in digital sectors

Strategic Emphasis to scale the organization in new sectors of growth.

Renewed emphasis to learn to attract and retain technology talent in a world of war for talent

Searching for Global Partners to help grow businesses.

Develop a Global Vision and Mindset

"Preparing for a digital future is no easy task. It means developing digital capabilities in which a company’s vision, purpose, activities, people, culture, and structure are in sync and aligned toward a set of organizational goals. Most companies, however, are constrained by a lack of resources, a lack of talent, and the pull of other priorities, leaving executives to manage digital initiatives that either take the form of projects or are limited to activities within a given division, function, or channel."

Gerald C Kane  MIT SMR

“15 STEP Methodology for Global Market Entry.”

INBound and OUTBound Strategies for Business Ventures, Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Technology Alliances, GoodWill Partners, Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax Advisory,  Cross - Border Actions, Compliances, Transfer Pricing, Change Management and so on.............

Global Market Entry Step 1

Law Firm

Law Firm - Work with our Consortium Partner Law Firm who will handle global market entry options.

Legal, Tax Implications in Globalization

"There are many financial, legal and tax implications when growing your business. Each business and business owner has their own unique situation and seeking advice from a tax professional could help answer some of these following questions:

• Do you require a loan to finance your transaction?

• What are the implications if your business is a sole proprietorship, partnership or a corporation?

• Are you eligible for the capital gains exemption?

• How do you minimize your tax bill?

• Can you take advantage of an estate freeze? (Freezing the value of the shares you own and issuing common shares to adult children who will be carrying on the business)"

Canada Business Network

Global Market Entry Step 2

Company Formation

Company Formation - Facilitate entry strategies through company formation, name approvals, portals, website creation, regulatory guidance, aligning with local networks, connections and building an organization

Move from Isolation to Partnership

"To Compete by altering the composition of the product portfolio so that an increasing proportion of revenue is generated from sophisticated products targeted at global markets"

Sanjay Lalbhai - Arvind Inc.

Global Market Entry Step 3

Entry Strategy

A Entry Strategy Consultation - Provide detailed reports on Country Economic Indicators, Sector Growth Factors, Investment Opportunities, Location Search, Partner Search, Competitive Landscape, Business and revenue Models, strategic- operating plan for a 3-year period, Cost and Expense Overview, Cost and Expense management, Organization and Management, Performance Metrics, Structure, People, Roles and Recruiting, and not to forget Culture and People Dynamics to lead a business successfully

Moving Between Business to Geography to Business

"Business is where your Customers are"

Ram Charan - Global Thought Guru

Global Market Entry Step 4

Vision Radar

Vision Radar - Through Business Coaching Programs help client articulate their New Country Start up vision, purpose, SWOPT and Plan leadership role, cultural adaptation, Pre-investment Visits

Beyond Internalization

"Internationalization vision impacts, increases the complexity, nature - nurture of business models, of an organization and of the environmental ecosystem with which it is concerned. The increase in cross-border business activities, influenced by technology, disruptions, multi national transactions, has led to a growing interest in revenue models, cultural and business specific developments and the linkages with institutional contexts"

Art and Science of Globalization

Global Market Entry Step 5


Audit, Governance, Compliance and Plan Programs - Partner with an Accounting Firm to help you draw their Business Plan, Budgets, Tax Plans, Transfer Pricing, Commercial Audits, Inter Country Tax Management

Not a Ritual

"Don't just define what constitutes non-compliance and the penalties if the vendor fails to comply with the agreed-upon standards. Determine how would you proactively manage Governance, Risk and Compliance"

S Satish - CFO - L & T Limited

Global Market Entry Step 6

Business Identity

Business Identity - Help client identify appropriate Business, Franchise, Biz to Buy, Deal Networks, or Small/medium Entrepreneurial Opportunities, Execution Plans

Your Business Your Identity

"The value of a business is only what someone is willing to pay for it."

Venture Capital Street Talk

Global Market Entry Step 7


Financials - Merchant Banking Activities, Partner Search, Venture funding, financial or funding requirements, banks and lenders to supplement clients Investment, cross-border remittance

Financials To Invest

"Investors want to calculate their rate of return. To do that they must compare the amount of the investment to the amount they will earn at the end of the investment period. But how can they know what they will earn in the future? Again, they must use the discounted cash flow projections to estimate the future value of their investment. To do so, they will need to:

• Estimate the cash flow in the final year

• Estimate the value of the business based on the cash flow

• Calculate the final value of their share in the business

• Determine their rate of return

Canada Business Network

Global Market Entry Step 8

Align Networks

Align Networks - Offer client a customized suite of networks, agents, consortium contacts, references, solutions, options to buy/lease office / commercial space, home, obtain a mortgage, technology enablers, personal and family relocation through best of breed organizations


"Owning your own business sometimes means providing your children and other family members with a place to work, and a way to finance their future. It is an opportunity to teach them valuable skills and spend more time together. Depending on your children's career aspirations, you may be able to pass the business on to them when you are ready to retire."

Canada Business Network

Global Market Entry Step 9

Adaptation Process

Adaptation Processes - Client's success depends on their adaptability - Through Cross Culture Assimilation Workshops, Management of Bureaucracy, Ethics, Settling in Process.

Digital Literacy

"Because digital technologies have become widespread, it is important for Canadian businesses to adapt, and become digitally literate. Businesses are adopting digital technology to help them stay competitive in a growing global market. Consumers are growing accustomed to the convenience of using online services.

Canada Business Network

Global Market Entry Step 10

Talent Management

Recruitment Support - Provide a complete suite for Talent Management. Where permitted by VISA help facilitate JOB Search and JOB Market Orientation, based on skills, and competencies.

Digital Talent

"Adopting digital technology can offer many helpful solutions to common business struggles: High quality talent, millennials, Fast, reliable communication with customers, contractors, employees, and overseas partners, Automation of many routine tasks, such as invoicing or payments, Buying or selling goods and services online, the use of online marketing, especially on social media channels, and Resources which can simplify complex subjects such as accounting or human resources.""

Canada Business Network

Global Market Entry Step 11

Remote Management

Remote Management - Help manage client's entrepreneurial organization through appointment of leadership staff and technical professionals, Manage Boards

Off Line is On Line

"The increased "just-in-time - follow the Sun" delivery capabilities of solutions providers and their respective solutions will determine who remains on the road and who is left behind."

Deloitte LLP

Global Market Entry Step 12

Structure Investment Model

Our Firm would help build an Investment Model

Investors Dilemma

"Into the Future - From the investor's perspective, value and obtaining a share/stake, is usually the most accurate and effective way to estimate a business' value because it is based on future cash flows. These cash flow figures reflect the amount of money that is estimated to come into the business and will ultimately determine the investor's return on investment. The discounted cash flow method is used to answer three critical questions:

• Value: How much is your business worth today, based on what it will earn in the future?

• Rate of return: What is the buyer's or investor's expected rate of return, given the amount invested and your business' financial projections?

• Equity share: How much equity will the buyer or investor receive for their investment?"

Akshay Arvind - DAA

Global Market Entry Step 13


All of above Phases/Stages would include either advisory and/or implementation

Plan to Plan

"Think of your business plan as a sales document. It must convince readers that your venture has the potential to be successful. Your enthusiasm, dedication and confidence in the project should be evident to the reader. Avoid highly technical terms and diagrams that the reader may not be familiar with. You will want to write the plan as if the reader is not familiar with the type of business you are starting. The most effective business plans are dynamic documents that evolve as your business grows and changes. Your plan should reflect the current reality of your business, the environment in which it operates, and your present and future goals."

Mukesh Ambani - Chairman Reliance Industries

Global Market Entry Step 14

Program Management

A Technology driven streamlined program management process to monitor progress across the varying stages

"What does business success mean to you? Is it about lucrative financial gains, or about building something you can one day pass on to your children? Perhaps it's about making a difference in your community, or creating the very best product or service on the market. Maybe success simply means making a living doing something you love to do.

Most likely, you quantify success in many ways. It might not be difficult to envision what you want from your business, but figuring out how to achieve it might be. There are many tried-and-true steps you can take — and some missteps you should avoid — on your path to prosperity.

The key to success is having a program managed business plan in place. Whether you're about to launch a start-up or you've been in business for years, the direction of your business is guided by your business plan. To begin the planning process, you'll need to do some critical analysis; business planning is about realistically forecasting where your business is going."

Canada Business Network

Case Studies


Financial Services

Recruiting Process Outsourcing - Identify specific job roles in regard to Human Resources and Recruiting function to identify job roles that can be outsourced to a low cost country. identification of specific roles in regard to compliance, risk, cash management, bills, IT etc

Promoter Managed Group

Business Balanced Scorecard - Strategic focus for a promoter managed business organization to articulate a business strategy, defining an ambition, planning for global growth and scaling, finding partners for technology and product tie up.

We understand the value of Globalization for Entrepreneurs and will work with you to manage your transition costs.